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Next course date to be announced. Please submit the contact form to inquire.

This one day course is for existing massage therapists who
wish to add to their treatment list. The assessment is carried out on the day
and there are no case studies to write up. 

An application form must be completed before attending the
course in addition to proof of holding a Certificate in Massage. 

Contact us for an application form

CPD points: 7
Next course day Sunday 17th December 2017 

You will be able to attain insurance on completion of this

Cost of the course: 120 

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Deposit 50 

Full payment 120

Payment balance 70


About Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massage is an invigorating massage where deep layers of muscle are manipulated. It is generally combined with other massage techniques such as Swedish massage.

The therapist detects stiff or painful areas and use slow, firm pressure in the areas of tension and discomfort. Strokes generally go across or along the muscle fibres, tendons and fascia in order to realign them. Deep tissue massage usually focuses on a particular problem area. Some discomfort may be experienced, however, this should only be short term. It is a common therapy for injuries or chronic muscular problems. 

Benefits include

   Reduced muscle pain
   Better posture
   Reduced stress and anxiety
   Better movement
   Reduced muscle tension and spasms
   Reduced scar tissue
   Better blood and oxygen circulation
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