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This page is dedicated to mindfulness poems and quotes, created by participants of Mindfulness Based Intervention courses 

The Balm of Mother Nature

Hurtling headlong to the future,
Or harking backward to the past.
Not savouring precious moments,
Do they not too, deserve to last?

A greedy boss, a fretful child,
Maybe a needy parent, too.
Leave thoughts of self, back on the shelf,
Or even further down the queue.

When did life become this hectic,
That wondrous sights don’t hold our gaze?
Yet Mother Nature keeps on giving,
With every season, she’ll amaze.

Let me take your weary heartaches,
And rest them for a little while
‘Midst trees and flowers overflowing;
Exchange your worries with a smile.


Deirdre Graal 30.04.2017

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