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A day of meditation, mindful movement and Yoga Nidra

Saturday , April 29th 2017

Beginners of meditation and regular practitioners are welcome

This one day meditation, mindful movement and Yoga Nidra is intended to assist in developing skills to quieten the mind and become more aware of present moment experiences. Our mind can sometimes be stuck in times past, or anxieties about the future. Increasing our ability to be fully immersed in the present can be empowering, allowing us to perceive our experiences in a new light. 

Yoga Nidra is also known as Yogic sleep. This pleasant meditation allows your body to fully rest and rejuvenate while your mind is relaxed and alert.

The meditations and exercises are carried out in a safe environment where you will have the opportunity to share experiences with like-minded people. 

Cost per person 35
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For more information, you can contact Jillian

Venue: The Holistic Coach House, Carrick house, 2 The High Street,  Garstang, PR3 1FA
Tel: 01524 791126/ 07411018541

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