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                 Swedish Body Massage Certificate

Swedish Body Massage is the application of physical touch which affects the systems of the body whereby the manipulation of the soft tissues creates a pleasurable and relaxing effect.  Swedish Body Massage assists in eliminating stress and tension in the muscle fibres as the blood circulation is increased and toxins are released. More oxygen and blood is allowed to flow to the muscles and organs, reducing pain and feelings of fatigue inducing a feeling of well- being.


This is a four day intensive course, which includes the following topics:

Client care
Benefits of Swedish body massage
Practical application of Swedish body massage
Salon hygiene
Oils used in Swedish body massage 
Health and safety
Note: If you do not have a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (A and P), you are expected to achieve this in your own time. The Holistic Coach House does provide a distance learning certificate in A and P.

    You will also be expected to carry out case studies.
    Once the case studies and a practical assessment have been carried out , the student will be awarded a Certificate in Swedish Body Massage from The Holistic Coach House, which is recognized by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). You will be able to attain insurance and practice professionally and become a member of the CMA if you wish. 

    The cost of the course: 450.00

    Pre-requisites to the course:
    You should have or be working towards a Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (A and P) (or equivalent). The Holistic Coach House does provide a course in
    A and P at Level 3.

    CPD Points: 30+ 

    Next course date:To be announce. Please contact me to inquire. 

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